“Call” can be followed by various prepositions forming phrasal verbs with different meanings.

Prasal verb Translation Examples
call at passare, visitare This morning I called at the barber’s  to see if I could have my hair cut.
call for passare a prendere As agreed Marta called for me at 8 but I wasn’t back yet.
passare a ritirare Do you mind if I leave my luggage here and call for it later?
call in  visitare, passare  You may call in later in the afternoon and have a tea with me
call on  invitare  The general called on his men to fight bravely in the battle
call off cancellare, annullare The flight was called off because of the thick fog
call out mobilitare The army had to be called out to face the riot
call out richiamare Every doctor available was called out to face the Emergency
call up coscrizione Until a decade ago young people in Italy of 18 or more were called up to serve in the military forces for one year
call up telefonare Don’t worry! If d he doesn’t turn up, I’ll call him up.