A lot of phrasal verbs are formed with “come”. It can be used as a transitive verb or intransitive.

Phrasal verb Translatio Examples
Come across/upon trovare casualmente Looking for a pen in my drawer I came across an old letter.
Come along/on accompagnare I know that you’re going but I don’t know if I can come along
Come away partire My car is ready. Come away with me.
Come in/into entrare He came into the room in his uniform.
Come off accadere The event is coming off next Sunday.
Come off terminare  The exhibition is coming off next Thurday
Come off non riuscire My scheme didn’t come off because She revealed everything.
Come out rivelare The whole truth came out when he was asked to show the documents.
Come out pubblicare It was 2005 when the first of her novel came out.
Come out scomparire Coffee stain are not easily to come out.
Come round convenire In the end he came round to my point of view.
Come round passare da casa She was very busy but she managed to come round after dinner.
Come round/to rianimarsi We found him unconscious but after a while he came round.
Come up venire a galla When the news of his behaviour came up he was sacked.
Come up sollevare During the last meeting the question of his high wage came up.
Come up avvicinarsi After a while the stranger came up to me and said:”Haven’t we met before?”.