“I’m on a mission”, “He’s in the loop”, “on a second thought”. These are just a few examples of idioms of very common use in English that are formed with the prepositions “in” and “or”. Let’s have a closer look in this video by EngVid.

Idioms Translation Meaning
to be in the loop  essere nella cerchia ristretta  She’s in the loop
to be in two minds  essere indecisi  She’s in two minds about next election
to be in hot waters  essere nei guai  I’m afraid he’s in hot waters for something
to be in no time  velocissamente  The sales assistant will be back in no time
 to be on a mission  essere determinati a fare qualcosa  She was on a mission to reach that goal
 on my/…their own  essere soli/fare da soli  I did this job all on my own
 on good terms  essere in buoni rapporti  I’m on good terms with my neighbours
on second thought  ripensandoci  I wanted to come but on a second thought I gave up
Idioms with “in” and”on”