Possessive adjectives and pronouns are never preceded by the article (definite or indefinite).

Possessive adjectives Rule Examples
My (mio)

Your (tuo)

His, her, its (suo)

our (nostro)

Your (vostro)

Their (loro)

Possessive adjectives are never preceded by the definite (the) or indefinite article (a/an). They precede a noun or other adjectives + noun.


  • My pen doesn’t work anymore.
  • Her red skirt is gorgeous.
  • Our new schoolmate is very nice.
Possessive pronouns Rule Examples
Mine (il mio)

Yours (il tuo)

His, Hers (il suo)

Ours (il nostro)

Yours (il vostro)

Theirs (il loro)

possessive pronouns are never preceded by the article (definite or indefinite) . Replace the name to which they refer expressing possession .
  • This is my T-shirt? Where is yours?
  • Are these your swimsuits? No they are theirs.
  • His dog is smart. Mine is not so clever.
Reflexive pronouns Rule Examples


Himself, Herself, Itself




They are used with reflexive verbs and when the subject and the object refer to the same person.
  • I usually wake myself up at 7.
  • She doesn’t help herself when she’s at the canteen.
  • They always chat between themselves when they are at school.


Possessive adjectives and pronouns