Question words are used to introduce questions with almost any verb tenses. Here you find a list of questions words to question about the past, the present or the future. The commonest question words are the following:

Question word Translation Examples
Who Chi (subject) Who broke the window in the living room?

Who practices swimming three times a week?

Who’s going to U2′ s Concert on Sunday?

Who has just gone out of the room?

Who(m) Chi (subject or object) Who(m) does this laptop belong to?

Who did you meet at the park yesterday?

Who will you speak to at next the convention?

Whose Di chi Whose trousers are these?

Whose laptop did you borrow to finish your report on time?

Whose car are you going to drive to practice for your driving licence?

What Cosa, quale (subject, object) What’s going on?

What will you do when you’re in London?

Which… (of) Quale Which colour do you like best?

Which of these T-shirt do you prefer?

Which of the two children is older?

Where Dove Where have you been recently?

Where did you buy that blouse?

Where were you going when the accident happened?

When Quando When will they get married?

When did leave for the USA?

When are going to give your driving test?

How Come How old was he when he got married?

How will you earn your living without a job when you’re abroad?

How long does it take to get to the station?

Question words