Be can be “transitive” when it is followed by an object or “intransitive”when it is not.

Prasal verb Translation Examples
be in (intr) Essere a casa o in ufficio You can call me any time. I’ll be in all day.
be out (intr) Essere fuori pre breve tempo I’m sorry but Mr Hill is out for lunch.
be away (intr) Stare via per almeno una notte Tomorrow I’ll be away. Don’t drop by.
be back (intr) Essere di ritorno Ok, I’m back! You can let the customers in.
be against+ing Essere contro I’m against students using smartphones in class.
be for + ing Essere a favore I’m for helping the refugees in their countries
be over Essere finito The match should be over by now.
be up Essere in piedi On Sundays they won’t be up before 10 o’ clock.
be up to Organizzare qualcosa di negativo I haven’t heard them since Monday. Don’t know what they’re up to.
It is up to (somebody)  Dipende da … It’s up to you to get a good mark at the examination.
be up to + ing Essere fisicamente in grado I’m not up to working very late at night.