The verb break followed by different adverbs or prepositions has different meanings. here is a list of phrasal verbs formed with break:

Prasal verb Translation Examples
break down buttare giù The firemen broke down the door to enter the building.
break down avere un crollo When he heard the tragic news he broke down
break down rompersi It’s better we use your car. I’m afraid my car may break down.
break down interrompere After the attack the two parties broke down the negotiations.
break in/into fare irruzione The police broke into the hotel to save the hostages.
break in domare That horse hasn’t yet been broken in.
break off rompere I asked her for a bar of chocolate and broke off a bit.
break off rompere una relazione After two years of engagement they broke off.
break off smettere di parlare The students were talking aloud but they broke off when the teacher came in.
break out scoppiare  World War II broke out in 1939
break out of scappare da, evadere  He was convicted to 10 years imprisonment but broke out of prison.
break up terminare The cerimony broke up unexpectedly.
break up disintegrarsi/rompersi The hurricane broke up many roofs of the buildings in town.

Many families break up because of the economic crisis.