Restart was released in Septempber 2013. It is the sixteeth studio album by Christian rock band the Newsboys. Most of the lyrics in the album are derived from the Scripture and they are proposed through pop dance and rock melodies which generate joy, enthusiasm and trust in God’s goodness.

This video is extremely useful in the teaching of English because its lyrics provide several examples of everyday us of the language and idioms.

Glossary and idioms
  • couldn’t carry the weight on my shoulders/non riuscivo a sopportare il peso sulle spalle
  • at my end in trouble/quasi alla fine nei guai
  • knocked down to the ground seeing double/abbattuto a terra vedendo doppio
  • Then your love opened my eyes/poi il tuo amore mi ha aperto gli occhi
  • lifted me up/mi ha risollevato
  • I raised my hands to the sky singing…/Ho alzato le mani al cielo cantando..
  • You gave me a second chance/Mi hai dato una seconda opportunità
  • I was lost I was falling apart/Ero perduto.. a pezzi
  • You came along, you hit the restart /Sei venuto e mi hai resettato (fatto ripartire)
  • I was twisted like bad religion/Ero intricato come una religione sbagliata
  • Fully committed to my wai of living/Tutto preso dal mio modo di vivere
  • I heard the preacher but never listened/Sentivo il predicatore ma non ascoltavo
  • On a dead end road without a mission/Ero su una strada senza sbocco, senza una missione
  • You hit the restart/Hai
  • You make all things new/Rinnovi ogni cosa
  • You’re making me new/Mi stai rinnovando
Restart (2013)