We speak of countable nouns if you can count them such as pencil/pencils, table/tables, finger/fingers and so on. Uncountable nouns are those you can’t count such as milk, water, bread, sugar and so on. Some and any, pronouns and adjectives, can be used with plural and uncountable nouns.

Pronoun/Adjective Rule Examples
Some It is used:

  • with affirmative sentences
  • when a positive answer is expected
  • with offers and requests
  • I’d like some ice cream
  • Will you have some milk with your tea?
  • Coud you lend me some money for the concert?
Any It is used:

  • in negative sentences
  • in interrogative sentences
  • in affirmative sentences with the meaning of “every”
  • They don’t want any rice in their salad
  • Is there any cheese left in the fridge?
  • I need a a felt pen to write on the whiteboard. Any colour will do.


Countable and Uncountable nouns, some, any